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Calculate your ecological footprint with ClimateHero’s eco impact test

Ecological footprint - How to calculate your ecological footprint and live eco friendly

Your ecological footprint refers to how much of planet earth’s limited resources that can be attributed to your lifestyle. With ClimateHero ecological footprint calculator you can test and check how large your eco footprint is, when it comes to climate impact, i.e. how much carbon emissions (CO2) you generate. The quiz is based on a few simple questions about ecological lifestyle. For example, the test will track and estimate the ecological footprint of flying, driving cars, meat consumption and energy. Track Emissions of the United States (US), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and The United Kingdom (UK), England, Scotland, England and Wales.

How to reduce your my ecological footprint – check how you can reduce your eko impact and live eco friendly

After calculating your eco footprint with ClimateHero carbon calculator, you will receive feedback on what you already do well today. Then the eco quiz will suggest things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and live more eco friendly. An example could be to eat less meat and instead introduce a plant based (vegetarian) diet.

What is the ecological footprint definition?

The Ecological Footprint of a person is calculated summarising the total use of biologically productive space. That includes carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases with a climate impact. But it also includes the use of cropland to grow food, or forest to produce timber, use of fresh water etc.